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Review Policy

My goal for this blog to spread the word about books I think are great and help others find books they'll love. Every book I feature on the blog is one that I think many of my readers will enjoy -- even if it wasn't 100% perfect for me.  My goal is to help my blog readers decide if a book is one they'd like to read.


Dear indie authors: I'm trying something new right now called My Indie Inbox. Every month, I'll put up three books and let my readers choose which one I'll read and review. This is still in the trial stages, but if you want to be considered, please read the guidelines below and email me.

I only review YA and am not super-excited about fantasy or paranormal romance -- I just don't read widely in those genres.  I respond to all requests that are addressed directly to me -- as opposed to mass promotional emails, to which I only respond if interested. It may take a few weeks. If you haven't heard from me by then, please re-email me. I recently upgraded my computer's OS and it messed up some of my mailboxes :(

FTC Disclosure: 

If a book I review is one that was provided to me free by the publisher, I'll state that at the top of my review under "source." All opinions expressed in blog posts are my own and other readers and reviewers may completely disagree. My reviews are not influenced by the manner in which I obtained a book.

This blog does NOT accept advertising or participate in any referral/affiliate programs. In other words, I don't receive any money if my readers buy a book that I recommend. Or any book, for that matter.

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